St Peter Chanel Catholic School Project

St Peter Chanel Catholic School is small school with a role of 30 students. We have just 3 classrooms and a hall all with very old, 30 years+ carpet that is stained and smelly no matter how many cleans it gets. It is in such a sorry state that the students have been allowed to paint on it just to try brighten up the area and hide the tired carpet.

Being awarded the RhinoKids grant and getting new carpet for the hallway would rise the vibration and energy by having new, fresh carpet, that looks better, feels better and then
we work better. It would lift the morale of our school.

‘He aha te mea nui o te ao? He tāngata, he tāngata, he tāngata’. ‘What is the most important thing in the world? It is people, it is people, it is people’.

This is a whakataukī (proverb) that highlights the importance of people as a central factor in improving health and well-being for all humankind. We have adopted this whakataukī as our guiding theme in all that we learn and teach. We believe that the holistic well-being of our students, staff and whānau is the most important aspect of our kura.

The new hallway carpet that your business has installed has contributed tremendously to the health and well-being of our students and staff. We have waited for a very long time to have new carpet. Our hallway feels a lot warmer, the noise level of foot-traffic has been reduced and the welcoming colour scheme is appealing. It presents a soft and calming atmosphere. We are totally thrilled with the job that you have done and thank you for ensuring that we as a customer were satisfied with the end result.

Moarikura (Sandy) Johnson, School Principal

Now the installation is done and the feedback is the room is now much warmer, quieter and looking amazing! As this is a 60sqm hallway the cost of the job was more than the $2,000 grant covered, but by reducing our labour rates we were able to significantly reduce the schools contribution, which as this is only a decile 4 school which doesn’t get a lot of funding it meant a lot to them.

Ethan Johnson, Carpet Court Waikanae