Woolston Preschool Project

We are a small community-based (not -for-profit) preschool in the heart of Woolston, we are licensed for 39 children. We offer a safe play-based learning environment for our children, many of whom come from disadvantaged backgrounds, with families struggling to provide the necessitates for everyday living. Over the past two years we have worked hard to improve our indoor and outdoor environments to give the children quality toys, resources and spaces to play in. We have three rules: We look after ourselves, we look after each other, and we look after our things! We use these rules to instil values of caring and respect in our children – looking after our things is important in helping them to care for and have pride in their place.

Our indoor rooms are very tired looking, and we are slowly replacing the fittings and fixtures as we can afford to, so they are at a level and quality that we believe all children should have access too. We would love to replace all the old carpet and lino floor throughout the preschool, but will probably have to do them room by room as we can afford too. We’d look to do the kitchen and over two area first.

New flooring would transform the overall look of the preschool (it currently looks very tired!), which would hopefully give our children a sense of pride in their environment.

Rachael Steans, Centre Manager

We were so blessed to receive the RhinoKids grant. Thank you. We love our new vinyl. It has made our space so fresh and bright, it even makes the room seem bigger. It has made a big difference to the look and feel of our play area and kitchen. We loved Carpet Court’s flexibility in working after hours to lay the vinyl so that preschool life wasn’t interrupted at all. Carpet Court were great to work with, so fast and friendly.

Thanks so much Carpet Court and RhinoKids. We love our new floor.

Letisha Derham, Woolston Preschool Inc.

We chose Woolston Preschool as we really loved what they were doing with the kids and the natural environment that they are being educated in. The kitchen was an absolute hygienic safety nightmare so it was a no brainer to help make things right for them.

Andrew Clark, Carpet Court Moorehouse Ave