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Autumn/Winter Design Trends ’18

Autumn/Winter Design Trends ’18

The leaves are changing and the temperature, after all this glorious heat, is finally starting to give us a sense of what’s to come. Autumn feels some what tempestuous rather than an easing into the ambers and soft brown flurries we expect at this time of the year. The trends or expectations for this time in 2018 interiors is much the same – there seems to be a mix of riotous colour that has been tempered by the palette of nature that without fail we keep harking back to.

Everything we read is about “bringing nature inside” which is precisely what feels right, the further we move down the dehumanising technological track, the more we seem to crave the simple and magical properties of nature from colour to form. Leathers and furs still remain strong.

New Zealanders are natural globe trotters and this year its about bringing not just the nature, but the world into your home, there are no boundaries. If you review what has happened in fashion from colour to texture this year the interiors will and always do follow suit.

Moroccan jewel colours, royal blues mixed with soft blushes and faded pinks through to heavy Scotland knit, layering of luxe-like metallics with natural materials are all akin to what is happening globally. True to the current trend, it’s that inherent mix of strength and femininity that works and makes us feel comfortable and protected at the same time.

Furniture has a sway towards the glamour of the 1950’s curved lines and form set on finer leg and arm details with upholstery fabrics being crushed and textured within the weave. Velvet works beautifully for this look and not only does it add a touch of class but also warmth and depth to any interior.

Brass is still extremely relevant but its age and burnish. The sheen has been tarnished to add again, a feeling of naturalness to an element that has been used intrinsically for its sleek and gloss-like properties in the past. Again don’t be afraid to mix this with natural fibres to soften and integrate the use of metal into your space.

If you’re wanting to redecorate for the upcoming cooler months, our friendly sales staff would love to help! Head into your local store or fill in a free measure and quote form and we will be in touch.

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