Garage Carpet

Turn your garage into an extension of your living space with our affordable garage flooring. It’s warm, comfortable, practical, easy to clean and can handle heavy use, from tires to teenagers. Just think of the possibilities, your garage could double as a kids’ playroom, gym or hobby space. It also adds value to your home.

Here’s why carpeting your garage is definitely worthwhile…

Why carpet your garage?

  • Expand your living space in your home
  • Create a kids play room or rumpus room
  • Convert the garage into a home gym
  • Tidy up the existing garage floor
  • Minimise slip risks on wet days

What are the benefits of garage carpet?

  • It is extremely durable and withstands wheel and foot traffic
  • Provides great thermal and acoustic insulation for the garage and reduces cold drafts from the garage into the home
  • Easy to clean – as simple as running the vacuum cleaner over it
  • It is waterproof so doesn’t smell or rot
  • Reduces dust and dirt tracking into the home from the garage
  • Non-slip making it safer than concrete of tiles when wet

What is garage carpet?

Garage carpet is a versatile needlepunch carpet, ideal for any installation environment where a durable, cost-effective, low maintenance yet visually pleasing carpet is required.

Garage Carpet Prices

Garage carpet offers an affordable and durable option for your garage flooring. Our Belgotex Garage Carpet Crazy XL Anthracite is priced at $22 per square metre.

Where to buy?

You can find our affordable garage carpet across Christchurch, Auckland, Wellington stores and more. Our experienced team in all our stores are here to help you out.

Garage Carpet Examples