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Soft, warm, comfortable and beautifully tactile, carpet remains a timeless option for any home whether your look is classic or more modern. Renowned for superior noise reducing and insulating qualities, today’s carpet lets you create a space that’s practical without compromising on style. Discover our range of carpet styles and carpet colours now! From patterned carpet, carpet tiles, grey carpet, dark grey carpet to Garage carpet we have it all.







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At Carpet Court we realise the process of purchasing flooring can often be a confusing and stressful experience, but it’s our job to help you find the right solution and get you enjoying the process.

Find your perfect carpet at NZ’s leading carpet and flooring retailer. We have quality carpets to fit every room, budget and interior design style. Discover commercial carpets, cosy bedroom carpets, stair carpets, garage carpets and more.

What are the benefits of carpet?

Carpet has a comfort and warmth to it that no other flooring material can match. That soft cushioned feeling underfoot not only is cosy and comforting but also a matter of safety in in bedrooms used by children or older adults since a fall on carpeting is unlikely to cause injury the way that a hardwood floor or other rigid surface can do.

Carpet is a great insulator and when paired with a good quality underlay can help improve a home’s heat insulation keeping your home warmer and your heating bills lower.

Thanks to carpets soft surface it acts as a sound-dampener absorbing sounds rather than bouncing them around as most hard flooring surfaces do. This makes carpet great for bedrooms.

What to know and consider when buying carpet?

There are many flooring options to consider when building a new home, renovating or simply planning to redecorate. Carpet is an ideal floor covering for most living areas outside of kitchens and bathrooms, but be sure to choose the right carpet type for your needs.

Factors to consider are the type of fibre – nylonwool or synthetic, and the pile – cut, twist, loop or plush pile? What level of stain resistance do you need? Carpet Court luxury carpets are all quality products with differing properties in terms of stain resistance. For rooms such as family rooms, dining rooms and open plan living areas where food and drink is consumed choose a carpet with a high level of stain resistance.

For high traffic areas such as living rooms and hallways, ensure your chosen carpet has a high degree of resiliency and durability. Within bedrooms make sure you choose carpets with good insulation properties.

Chat to the highly knowledgeable team at your local Carpet Court store for expert tips on carpet and we will help you find the right carpet for your home, family and lifestyle.

Where should I use carpet in my home?

Carpet is an ideal type of floor for most living areas outside of kitchens and bathrooms, but be sure to choose the right carpet types for your needs.

Your bedroom carpet is important, it is the last thing that your feet will touch before you slip from your shoes and climb into bed at night, and it is the first thing they will feel when you wake and leave your bed each morning. You want it to be soft, plush and warm underfoot. Luxurious and aesthetically pleasing. Carpet will dampen unwanted sounds outside your bedroom door creating a peaceful sanctuary.

Carpet is great in living rooms for creating a homely and cosy space. It provides the soft surface you want for children rolling around and playing and with its sound-dampening attributes the loud noises created in this social space won’t bounce around the rest of the home. As the lounge is a high foot traffic area be sure your chosen carpet has a high degree of resiliency and durability.

Hallway carpet needs to be resilient and durable. A hallway is always going to be a high traffic area and while crumbs and spills aren’t likely to be much of a concern in the hall, your hallway carpet may receive a lot of dirty footwear. This means you don’t want a carpet too light in colour but, as hallways don’t tend to get a lot of natural light, you don’t want to go too dark either.

Garage carpet is growing more and more popular turning your garage into an extension of your living space. It’s warm, comfortable, practical, easy to clean and can handle heavy use, from tires to teenagers. Just think of the possibilities, your garage could double as a kids’ playroom, gym or hobby space. It also adds value to your home. Find out more.

What is the difference between the different carpet styles offered at Carpet Court?

Carpet Court offers a large and diverse carpet range with different constructions to suit a variety of requirements. The differences in carpet styles is based around the choice of fibres and pile types which give each carpet a different look and level of performance. Want to know more? Check out our Carpet Guide for more information on the most popular carpet fibres and styles.

Do you offer any advice when it comes to carpet care?

Caring for your new carpet in accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions will ensure its continued longevity and high-performing good looks for years to come.

Regular cleaning and the use of floor mats in external doorways is recommended. Weekly vacuuming is essential and an annual professional steam clean gives your carpets a deep and thorough clean.

Liquid spills should be blotted immediately to absorb as much liquid as possible before further cleaning as recommended in the accompanying manufacturer’s care and maintenance guide. Consult the care guide on how to remove spills, dirt and stains and always seek professional advice if you are unsure.

Carpet Underlay

Underlay is an essential part to your carpet flooring. It will affect how your new carpet feels, how your floor sounds and the level of comfort. View our Underlay Guide to learn more about how underlays work.

To find your closest Carpet Court store and check out our extensive carpet range click here then call in and chat with the friendly team.

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the carpet court story

Carpet Court was founded in the 1960’s by a small group of like-minded flooring retailers looking to establish a better experience and provide greater value for our customers. Today our flourishing business has 65 stores nationwide with a reputation reflecting our longstanding presence in the market and the thousands of NZ homes we have installed carpet and flooring into over the decades.

We are New Zealand’s most trusted and preferred flooring retailer and work hard to ensure our customers enjoy the process of purchasing flooring which can often be a confusing and stressful experience. Our Customer Service focus has been recognised by winning Gold each year from 2018 - 2024 for flooring stores in the Reader’s Digest Quality Service Awards - an area we continually strive to improve upon.