Hard Floor Cleaning Products

While hard floors are quite easy to care for and maintain, it is important to use products that both clean and protect the finish, so it continues to resist wear and tear. These products do just that and are available in selected Carpet Court stores nationwide.

Cleaning Kit

Designed for cleaning and maintaining  Quick‑Step floors as well as other wood, laminate, rigid and hybrid floors. This cleaning kit cleanses the floor surface thoroughly to maintain the original look of your floor. The washable microfibre mop ensures no residual layers of cleaning product are left behind.

Kit includes: mop holder, washable microfiber mop, Quick‑Step cleaning product 1000 ml

Cleaning Mop

Microfiber cloth designed for dry and damp mopping to effectively remove dirt and grime with ease. Refill cloths are available and are machine washable.

Kit includes: mop holder, washable microfiber mop


Quick-Step Cleaning Product 1L

Dedicated cleaning product for easy and effective cleaning of hard floors that leaves no build up of product.

We recommend using this product to damp mop your hard floor once a fortnight.