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Let Your Style Shine: Metallic Interior Design Ideas

Let Your Style Shine: Metallic Interior Design Ideas

Do you walk into a store and often find yourself heading towards the shiny objects? Do you love copper, silver and gold tones and have a guilty pleasure for glam? Do you also love using accessories to turn ordinary into extraordinary. This is what Metal Elements is all about


The Metal Elements style allows you to bring your passion for glam into your home. It brings a sense of edgy chic style, much like putting on the fancy jewellery with your evening wear. Using metal holds a sense of strength and boldness so you can display confidence in your style.

Why should you pick this look?

The question that should be asked is why wouldn’t you?

  • It’s hard wearing, it can handle those boozy cocktail parties
  • It adds style to an affordable base – you don’t have to spend much to look on point
  • It completes your look by adding the ‘finishing touches’ (for those of you who are design conscious)
  • It can work with other styles so you can dress it up just a little bit more. Can you ever be too glam?

What does Metal Elements look like?

  • A combination of different metals in the same space add warmth. It could be as simple as hanging some silver photo frames and a popping a cooper candle holder on the table.
  • A print lover? Well its your lucky day because it works great with prints!
  • It brings monochrome schemes to life!
  • It pairs really well with a laminate or hard flooring.
  • Light or dark grey and black carpet also pairs well. Metals compliment a darker flooring really well.

Does this style suit you?
If you have a more formal living area or an apartment this look will be great for you!

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