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Reinstate the Antiques

Reinstate the Antiques

Incorporating old world with current style you reuse your collected, and often priceless antique pieces, in a setting that gives them new life.

Do you have one (or many) vintage possessions, (maybe sentimental, maybe not) that you have guiltily hidden away in a cupboard or attic wishing that you could display in your home but have no idea how? It can be hard to display these beautiful items in a stylish way and to give them a purpose in a room. Nostalgic Charm style is about showcasing these items and giving them a new life in your home.


Nostalgic Charm is about celebrating important mementos and pieces
It creates a ‘whimsical’ history look without being over pretty
It has strong elements of colour which are often mixed with texture and patterns.

Flooring: SmartStrand Calhoun, Wolf Creek

Why would you pick Nostalgic Charm?

  • You have collected a lot of things over time that you’re ready to put on display.
  • You’re a sentimental person who likes the feeling of being surrounded by important memories
  • You take pleasure in having important things around you and living with them

What does Nostalgic Charm look like?

  • Patterns Patterns Patterns! Think- Checks/florals/colour/stripes/
  • Old world charm
  • Antiques mixed in with moderns- connect all your collection pieces together
  • Celebrates looking back- it creates the “OMG I remember that” moments!
  • A deep pile carpet would work well with this, you can use wooden flooring as well.

Flooring: Karndean, Knight Tile

Would this style suit you?
It suits older couples/families and those more provincial.

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