Alexandra Primary School Project

Alexandra Primary School has approximately 190 students from Year 0 to Year 8. Their okonga (students) and kaiako (teachers) love learning in all environments, e.g. the classrooms, the school gardens and grounds and out in their local community. The previous flooring was at least 30-40 years old and undesirable for the children to learn on. It was threadbare in places and a health and safety risk. They wanted new carpet or mats to create a safe learning space for the children where they could sit and listen to stories, sing, play games and just be comfortable.


Alexandra Primary School has been very lucky to have such a supportive and generous local company – Grant and Dawn Sutherland and Carpet Court Alexandra, to enable us to provide a warm, comfortable and welcoming space for our youngest learners. The service from Josh and owners Dawn and Grant has been simply outstanding.

Alexandra Primary School


Fiona and the staff at Alexandra Primary deserve this. The rooms were long overdue, being told the buildings were eventually being replaced, we opted for carpet and underlay that was softer instead of the usual commercial, uncomfortable option. Enjoy the comfort team!

Carpet Court, Alexandra