Fordell Preschool Project

Fordell Preschool is a non profit Charitable Trust which provides early childhood education and child care services to the Fordell community. We have a roll of 23 children and 3 full time teachers.

We are applying for new flooring in our communal indoor play area and quiet room. Both areas are used daily, mainly for activities such as story time, singing, dancing and creative play. The quiet room is a space that provides children a place to rest, away from noise. Large mats are currently used in the main indoor area and the quiet area has dated and worn carpet. We are required by the Ministry of Education to keep the indoor temperature at 18 degrees in both areas. Carpet would significantly help to maintain warmth and provide a comfortable space for indoor activities.

Lee-Ana Aitken, Committee Member

We would like to express our deepest gratitude to Ben and the team at Carpet Court for the generous donation of new carpet for our Preschool. It has made such a difference for our community, and more specifically the children and families that attend, as well as, for the teachers working daily within the environment.

Previously, we had older carpet that was in different pieces, and did not have underlay. With the new carpet now installed in the main play and quiet room areas, we have found that this has had a direct impact on a reduction in noise levels, is warmer for the children and teachers when working on the floor, as we have noticed with the cooler weather upon us. Also, from an aesthetic perspective, it is a big improvement. It looks great!

Once again, we are so grateful and look forward to enjoying the new carpet for years to come.

Tara Allan, Head Teacher

It was an absolute pleasure to work with Fordell Preschool. After meeting with Lee-Ana and working through a plan to upgrade the current old carpet pieces to our lovely  Portland and Manhattan ranges on 12mm Rhino underlay, we knew it was a plan that just had to happen. This job also hits home for our installers as they have had children attend Fordell Preschool and relished in the opportunity to give something back, singing along while installing the new flooring, and even taking the time to play with some blocks on the new carpet. Everyone had a great day and I’m sure the children will have even more fun in the days to come.

Ben MacFaigan, Carpet Court Whanganui Store Manager

Flooring: Rhino Portland & Rhino Manhattan