Karaka Playcentre Project

Karaka Playcentre is a rural Playcentre, meaning that our members and their families are drawn from a number of nearby and rural areas including rural areas. Raising children in a rural environment can be an isolating experience. Karaka Playcentre links these families together, so that they can support one another in the important task of raising our children.

We would like to replace the lino in our centre. The current lino is well over 20 years old and extremely dangerous when wet from many years of wear and tear. At Karaka Playcentre we have lots of little adventurers and explorers who love messy play (water, paint, gloop, slime etc) which often results in our floors becoming very slippery, we often place lots of towels around the centre on the old lino floors to prevent slips but this is a trip hazard in itself and not a great look to new comers.

Flooring is the most important play space for our children – it needs to be safe, functional and inviting for crawling babies, exploring toddlers and adventurous pre-schoolers. A new floor would really give our interior play space an inviting and inspirational face lift (a real sense of belonging for our tamariki and whanau) and help us to attract new members to our centre. New flooring will not only benefit the current and future members of the centre, but also to the many people from the rural community of Karaka including members of the public who hire our centre for events, workshops, training etc.

Carpet Court Pukekohe has done an amazing job installing new vinyl in our baby room. They were great to deal with and generous with their time and advice. We were grateful for this donation which gives us a warm dry space for Tamariki.

Diana Chandler, Grants and Fundraising Officer at Karaka Playcentre

It was great to meet the team at Karaka Playcentre and to be able to donate a service and product to help them and it looks really good finished! We are also donating a rug to go in the playcentre main room and act as a mat for the children. The process was very easy and seamless and achieved a great result for the centre and the children.

Kathryn Woodd and Mike Williams, Carpet Court Pukekohe

Flooring: Traffic 250 Kiruma Pearl Grey

RhinoKids-Karaka-Playcentre - Before