North Beach Community Preschool Project

Our busy community preschool has 65 children and 13 teachers. We have been in our current building for 8 years after being displaced after the earthquakes. Both the preschool and nursery need new carpet desperately.

The existing carpet is cheap, commercial carpet with no underlay. It has stains and is unpleasant to look at and sit on.

New flooring would make such a difference to our inside environment. A warm space that invites our families in with somewhere nice to sit and share stories.

The new carpet has been a very welcome and much appreciated addition to our nursery. Not only does it look fantastic, it is soft, warm and comfy for our younger babies to lie, crawl and explore on. As a small not-for-profit community-based preschool, we are very grateful to have been recipients of this wonderful initiative.

Amie Wagenvoord, Preschool Teacher

North Beach Community Preschool were such a deserving winner.  They are all about the community and being environmentally friendly. How they incorporate Maori into the preschool really spoke to us.

Johannah Dodson, Carpet Court Moorhouse

Flooring: Malmo Marseille