Otaki Playcentre

Otaki Playcentre, with just over 20 attending families, is a space for children and their parents/caregivers to explore their curiosity and creativity in a safe and fun environment. Children here can create, climb, read, sing, experiment, dance, play music, swing, slide, spend time in nature and learn about themselves and their world.


We have a big open single space at our Playcentre with smaller areas which are defined by furniture and mats / carpet placement. There are two areas we would love to refurbish. One area is used for musical instruments and is also where we sit with smaller children who are crawling and learning to walk (currently has an old carpet). The other area is divided into a block building area (currently has a mat) and a family play area (currently wooden floors) with a kitchen, table & stools, dolls etc. The carpets in these areas are over 30 years old and are stained, thin, and creating tripping hazards, making it unideal for little ones taking their first steps.

– Marzena Pacan, Playcentre Member


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Rhino Kids photo 1 2022
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