Otautau Playcentre Project

We have 27 enrolled tamariki in our playcentre. We have 1 paid educator and many parents in various stages of training for our parent led sessions. We are in a rural community and rely on grants and donations to keep our centre running.

A few years ago we fundraised for our lino to be replaced but unfortunately we have not had the funds since then for the carpet replacement. Our current carpet is old and deteriorating. It is
impossible to get it professionally cleaned due to the risk of it perishing more.

We would love to get carpet for two very busy areas of our centre, which house our library, baby play area, role play area , collage station, imaginative play and music areas just to name a few uses.

If we can secure this extra funding it allows us to some breathing room with our cashflow so we can stay open.

Shelley Cox, Centre Administrator