Petone Central School Project

We are a decile 4 school of 90 students, 4 teachers, 3 teacher aides, a principal and an office manager.  We are a vibrant school with a family feel. We like to get involved with our community. We have older buildings and have some rather run down spaces both inside and outside. Funding from the MOE only goes so far, so unfortunately carpet has not been a priority for spending as we have had to spend on other areas that require more urgent action due to them being a health and safety issue. Carpet is very much on our wish list for the future.

The carpet in our new entrant classroom (Rata) is very old and worn. The edges and joins are coming apart and there are also areas that are threadbare. There are holes and the metal trip is lifting so has been masking taped down. Mats have been used strategically around the room to cover the threadbare areas and tables are also placed strategically to avoid trip hazards on the lifting seams.

New carpet would allow the set up of the class to be fitted to what works well for teaching and learning rather than to cover up threadbare and dangerous areas. The room would be much safer for
the students, parents and teachers working in this space too.

If we were successful in receiving the RhinoKids Flooring Fund, then our new entrant classroom could become a safer, healthier and more attractive space, whilst also allowing us to spend ministry funds on replacing parts of our rundown school playground and adding bark to the playground in order to have a safe fall zone.

Thanks so much for organising, removing the carpet and the new carpet install. The kids were over the moon to see the new carpet today, and were very impressed!

Jeannie Phillips, Petone Central School Teacher

Flooring: Duro2