Plateau School

Plateau School is a semi-rural school that is very centered in the community, consisting of 150 students from years 1 – 6. Their carpet was 20+ years old and threadbare from play based learning.

‘Our carpet is very old and we have very little left! Having new carpet would brighten up the space and create a much more vibrant environment that will be more welcoming for children and parents.’

– Nigel Frater, Principal 


‘Plateau School was one of the reasons I like Rhino Kids. The 3 classrooms had 20 years plus old carpet in them. They were worn and damaged and did not feel or look very nice for the kids to sit on. It was a long challenge to get the right product installed as there was other building work happening. We finally after a year installed the new cushion backed carpet tiles which transformed the entire look of these rooms. The delight on the principals and teachers faces was great to see how excited they were for the children to come back to school to see their new classrooms.’

– Ronnie Montgomery, Carpet Court Upper Hutt Owner


‘This is to let you know the phenomenal difference that has been made due to the installation of the new carpets through the Rhinokids Flooring Fund. Our old carpets were well past their end of life . They had multiple holes and were stained and damaged from over 20 years of hard use. The new carpet tiles we had installed through the scheme have revolutionised the classrooms both in terms of Safety and hygiene. They are so easy to clean and have resulted in an attractive, modern classroom environment. Many thanks to Ronnie Montgomery and Carpet Court for managing the work so professionally and to our installers who were professional and easy to deal with.’

– Nigel Frater, Principal 

Classroom 2 before
Old Carpet
After 2