Rosehill College Project

Rosehill College is located in Papakura, in South Auckland and we have around 1,585 students and 45 support staff at our school. Rosehill College offers a wide range of academic subjects for NCEA and we have very successful music, arts, drama and sports departments.

We are applying to refurbish the flooring in our classroom T8 in our technology block. Our textiles class had to be moved into this room and the 20 year old carpet is threadbare and not fit for purpose as we struggle to remove threads and pins from it with is a hazard.

New flooring would completely renovate this room. The students are working hard in this room and new flooring would improve the cleanliness and overall look of this room. It would make the room feel more modern and welcoming and be a much more inspiring space for our students to be in. We would also like to improve the acoustics and install additional underflooring to make this a more comfortable room for our teachers and students.

Our textiles teacher is extremely dedicated and is great at inspiring our students. However, her classroom does not reflect the great standard of teaching and the great standard of work that our
students are doing in this classroom. We would like to inspire more students to take textiles into senior levels.

Rochelle Dixon, Business Manager at Rosehill College