Trentham School Project

Trentham School is home to 438 students in Years 1 – 6, aged from 5 – 11 years old.

We would like to replace the flooring in Room 9. which is a fulltime classroom to 24 Year 4 students. We would love to replace the flooring as we had a flood in this classroom a few years back and we had to drill holes through the carpet and wood flooring underneath to allow the water to drain away. The carpet wasn’t replaced at the time, so it has now lifted and bubbled as a result. It has made it uncomfortable for the students to sit on the mat and is a trip hazard for staff and students alike.

Having new flooring in this room would hopefully get rid of the musky smell that has lingered and would make it a more pleasurable environment for students to sit and work together on the floor and at their desks. It will give it a new lease of life and make it much more inviting.

If we were successful with this funding, we could put the extra money towards replacing iPads across the Junior School, which has been an ongoing fundraiser.

Heather Turner, Teacher Aide

Trentham School would like to give a huge thanks to Upper Hutt Carpet Court for their role in the complete revamp of our Room 9 carpet and vinyl. We now have a clean, dry, welcoming learning environment for our students to use. It has given this space a new lease of life. Many of the students and staff have commented about how cool it looks now and they wish it was like that when they were in there.

Thank you for accepting our application as it has freed up some of our funding for use in other areas of the school.

Nga mihi nui, Trentham School Staff and Students

This was a simple decision to help Trentham School. The classroom really needed a fix up and seeing the kids sitting on that old bubbled carpet that had severe water damage. The new look with carpet tiles looks fantastic now and we as a store happily paid the balance of this job after the RhinoKids Fund contribution.

Ronnie Montgomery, Carpet Court Upper Hutt

Flooring: Duro2 Carpet Tiles and Polyflor Vinyl