Tui Park Kindergarten Project

Tui Park Kindergarten is a community, not-for profit kindergarten located in one of the lowest socioeconomic areas of Wellington.  Whanau Manaaki (caring family) is built around parents and
caregivers, whanau and family, teachers and communities. With this philosophy, Tui Park Kindergarten provides full-year education and care for up to 40 children aged 2 – 5 years.

I would like to apply for the refurbishment of an existing space that provides the only carpeted area in the kindergarten. This space is used every day, all day by the children and teachers at Tui Park. It is where they come together for mat time and where the children eat lunch together. It is the carpeted space within the indoor environment where children lie or sit down and play cars, build blocks, and engage in constructive play. It is a place where the children come together to form and build relationships and the place where they end their day with dancing or quiet kids yoga as they await the arrival of whanau. The carpet age is unknown,  but very old!

New flooring would contribute significantly to the health and well-being of the tamariki at Tui Park Kindergarten. Because of their ages they spend a lot of their inside time playing on the floor, in close contact with the carpet.

Bronwyn Hutchison, Parent/ Voluntary Grants Officer

The children say ” it is comfortable, smells nice and it is bouncy”. Arohanui for an awesome project installed into our kindergarten for our children’s safety and exploring in our learning environment. We have received awesome feedback from all of our parents & the community. Nga mihi nui.

Nga Ropu, Tui Park Centre Manager

It was an absolute pleasure to do this for such a deserving centre. The staff and children were so grateful for being selected as this was not something they could have done by themselves.

Tony Dougherty, Carpet Court Porirua Store Manager

Flooring: Malmo Munich