RhinoKids Flooring Fund

Is the flooring at your school old and threadbare?  Or perhaps you have a new space where there’s no flooring at all. Your Early Childhood Centre or school could be eligible to receive $2,000 + GST from the RhinoKids Flooring Fund to go towards new flooring!

That’s why Carpet Court is on a mission to help improve Kiwi kids’ learning environments by rolling out a nationwide fund to put new flooring in classrooms and Early Childhood Centres and Make Room for More. We are committing over $120,000 per year to the RhinoKids Flooring Fund which will be built up each year through purchases of Rhino flooring products.

So, apply now!  All you have to do is take a few photos and complete the easy online form telling us how your educational space would be improved with new flooring.