Rhino Original Collection

Soft and durable, the Rhino Original Collection is made from SmartStrand with ForeverClean and is a beautiful canvas for vibrant everyday living. Perfect for homes with kids, pets and adults partial to a glass of red. Stain-resistant and made with Nanoloc technology, the Original Collection shrugs off dirt and forgives spills, so you can enjoy a full and rich life. Available in a variety of weights to suit your lifestyle.

So confident are we in our SmartStrand™ Forever Clean Rhino Original Collections’ ability to stand up to your pets’ accidents, that we offer an All Pet Protection Guarantee – so whether you have a kitten, rhino or anything in between, we’ve got you covered.

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Green Label Plus means you are purchasing the lowest emitting product on the market. Rhino carpet fibre is made using 37% renewable plant based materials and is OEKO-TEX certified free from harmful substances.

Green Label Plus

Rhino is proud to be one of New Zealand’s Most Trusted Carpet brands, winning the Reader’s Digest Highly Commended Trusted Brand award for Carpet in 2020.

Trusted Brand 2020 highly Commended Readers Digest


With its unique built-in stain and soil protection that won’t wash or wear off then encapsulated with Forever Clean technology, Rhino Original Collection let’s you live on your floor worry free.


Rhino Original Collection features SmartStrand Forever Clean technology. This stress-reducing range is made with Nanoloc spill protection technology for quick and easy clean up.


The revolutionary fibre technology means that you no longer need to stress about pet accidents. Absorbing nearly 0% moisture, means stains will sit on top rather than working their way into the fibres core.


Choosing softness doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice performance. The spring-like fibre molecule shape resists crushing and matting, maintaining the beauty and softness of your floor for years to come.


SmartStrand Forever Clean is a renewable carpet fibre. SmartStrand is made in part with annually renewable, plant-based materials, minimising the usage of limited natural resources and reducing energy consumption in the manufacturing process.

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