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Summer Colour Trends 2017/18

Summer Colour Trends 2017/18

Here are some of the colour trends that you can expect to see this summer. Take a look below to see if there’s one that suits you!

Resene Colours: Sakura, Gum Leaf, Clementine Orange & Point Break


We all have moments, sitting behind our desk, dreaming of the next adventure or adventures past. Dream destinations may just be a plane ride away, but you can also live them every day by using that inspiration in your home. Colour makes your heart sing, just like the lively cultures we love to immerse ourselves in when we travel. Don’t be afraid to use bold saturated colours, and soften them with the likes of cool mints and powdery pinks. Get playful, don’t be afraid to use bold geometric patterns and colour blocking. Draw inspiration for your palette from artwork, get playful and create the ultimate happy space.

Resene Colours: Just Right, Organic, Rumor Has It. Flooring: Nature’s Oak Eiger

Happy Hygge

Cosiness, charm, happiness, ‘contentness’, security, familiarity, comfort, reassurance, kinship, and simpleness. It’s time to switch off the noise and drown out the negative vibes. Create space for compassion and kindness, truth and transparency. In doing so we find new joy in reviving long-held traditions and cultural influences igniting our sense of community and kinship. Celebratory cues from heritage and folklore, these earthy palettes ooz warmth and pair perfectly with calming neutrals to create a space of happiness and charm.

Resene Colours: West Coast, Innuendo, Aubergine, Rhino Wallpaper: Casamance Rive Droite from Westbury


The ultimate in sophistication. We’ve often stayed in the safe zone with lighter, fresher interiors; but it’s time to finally embrace those deep moody colours to add timeless elegance to our spaces. As much as we love the new and embrace modern style and technology; we’ll never be able to let go of our love of things past. Design icons will be cherished through the continued appreciation of their designs as we mix statement reproduction pieces with contemporary decor. A mash of the glamorous 70’s and a dash of the brazen 90’s this is an eclectic timeless look. Think a reunion part for the 20th century. Strong colours create a sense of intimacy; perfect for a formal lounge, social dining room or glamour bedroom. Add a touch of indulgence by incorporating luxurious textiles like velvet in opulent jewel tones mixed with precious metals accents. Keep things fresh by mixing classic furniture styles with more contemporary pieces.

Resene Colours: Mid Winter Mist, Half Mountain Mist, Bizarre, Toast Tile: Luna River Honed from European Ceramics


Going back to basics, we all have a love of our creature comforts. It’s so easy for our modern lives to get over complicated, which this colour palette is
anything but. A growing desire to lead a more peaceful and authentic existence, has shifted focus back onto natural and re-purposed materials. Drawing inspiration from a from mother nature, this muted colour palette is
serene and nurturing. Add character to your elemental space by adding layers of differing textures. Imperfect finishes add warmth and comfort, think woven textiles with leathers and suedes, raw wood and metals on furniture. Bring some of nature inside with some indoor plant to really round it off.

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