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Yes, we’ve picked up Gold again!

We are thrilled to have been awarded gold for the sixth year in a row for the Readers Digest Quality Service Awards.

To win this again is testament to the continued focus and attention we pay to the voice of our customers, and it’s great to get recognition from an independently run survey of New Zealand consumers.

We know there can be many pain points in the flooring purchase process so by aiming to deliver a consistent and easy interaction with us, while understanding every customer’s individual needs ensures the customer experience becomes an enjoyable one.

“We continually look to improve and by listening to those who have gone through the process with us we can identify areas of the customer experience we need to focus on and ensure we continue to exceed our customers’ expectations. Winning this award three years in a row proves our commitment to delivering excellent customer service and our goal is to solve every customer’s flooring requirements, whatever their life stage or individual needs may be”.

Victoria Lloydd, Head of Marketing


Catalyst Market Research was commissioned to conduct the survey, which involved 1,620 New Zealanders of a mixed demographic, who were asked to rate their opinions of a range of service-providers. Those surveyed were first asked which companies they previously had experience with, so that a brand list – reflective of today’s market – could be established. Data was then captured to establish which companies provide the highest levels of customer service.

The respondents are asked to rank their experience with the listed companies according to four questions:
“Personalisation: How well was the company able to provide the consumer with an individualised customer experience?”

“Understanding: How effectively was the company able to demonstrate a genuine insight into the customer’s needs.”

“Simplicity: How quick and easy was the process of dealing with the company?”

“Satisfaction: To what level did the company meet or exceed the customer’s expectations?”

The highest rated companies are then awarded gold and the next closest awarded silver.

We are committed to continuing our focus on customer service to ensure all our customers have a great experience every time.

Thank you to those that voted for us. We promise to keep flooring you with our service.

Be Styled

Are you struggling with limited space in your bathroom? Don’t be discouraged! With the right bathroom ideas, any room can embrace bold designs and modern style – even your small toilet area.

From choosing the perfect tile to finding the best bathroom fixtures, we at Carpet Court know how essential it is to find the right balance for your home. So, here are some of our finest small bathroom ideas to inspire you for any upcoming renovation or remodel.

Small Bathroom Ideas - Carpet Court

1. Include the Right Colours in Your Small Bathroom Ideas

Light and bright colours can help to make a small toilet space feel more open by reflecting light and lifting the overall décor. White is one of the most popular colour choices for small bathrooms as it has an immediate expansive effect. It also pairs beautifully with almost any other colour, so you are not limited in your design choices.

If you are searching for small bathroom ideas for your home, why not start with a white base before adding a bit of personality with colourful wall paint or wallpaper, a white ceiling, and matching trim for a clean, streamlined look?

2. Keep Your Small Bathroom Ideas Stay Chic & Modern

The most popular, modern bathroom styles centre around a well-maintained, clutter-free design. You can achieve the chic look of your dreams by including appropriate storage solutions.

Keep the floors clear for a more spacious appearance, and invest in a floating shelf or cabinet to better store your bathroom products and essentials. Ensure that everything you need is within arm’s reach for a functional layout while embracing a clean, minimalist style that will enhance any small toilet space.

Small Bathroom Design- Carpet Court

3. Embrace the Reflective Surfaces

From mirroring a wall to adding multiple mirrors to your small toilet space, these interior fixtures transform your bathroom décor. A well-placed mirror can imitate the effect of a window by reflecting light and patterns in your small bathroom, creating the appearance of a much larger space.

You can also choose a glass shower door, which looks visually stunning and opens the space by letting in more light, all while adding depth. When you combine these interior design ideas, they complement one another seamlessly, working together to maintain a welcoming, spacious atmosphere.

4. Amplify Light with Your Small Bathroom Ideas

Multiple light sources in a small bathroom can open a world of possibilities. Consider backlights, wall, and natural lighting options when brainstorming small bathroom ideas to elevate your small toilet space. You can create a chic, minimalist look with simple lighting and embrace an airy, open design that will make your room appear larger. Complement your choices with interior fixtures like a glass shower or mirrored cabinets to reflect light further and brighten the space.

To hit the point home, you can also opt for a reflecting high-gloss paint that will work to amplify the light in your small toilet space and further contribute to its visual appeal.

Bathroom Decor Ideas - Carpet Court

5. Extend Tiles & Pattern Your Floor

Continuous, unbroken lines can give any space depth and dimension. Embrace this concept and extend your small bathroom tiles into the shower for a streamlined and cohesive look. When brainstorming small toilet ideas, using this type of surface will help make the whole room appear larger with ease.

Alternatively, you can turn your attention to the flooring to create the illusion of more space. When you opt for warmer tones, such as a herringbone wood floor, it can develop a sense of warmth and depth that works to enhance the appearance of your small toilet. The emphasis on a patterned design can also allow you to experiment with your interior décor and find the perfect match for your unique style.

Maximise Space with Our Small Bathroom Ideas at Carpet Court

At Carpet Court, we are experts at helping our customers find the perfect products to realise their small bathroom ideas. You can contact our team today to learn more about similar topics like finding the best flooring for bathrooms or how to create a winning bathroom, or you can drop us a line for a free measure and quote in your area.

Be Styled

Building a smaller home or downsizing your lifestyle doesn’t mean you can’t get the most out of the décor in your bedroom!

At Carpet Court, we appreciate that everyone will have a unique sense of style reflected in their interior design, but it can prove challenging when you’re limited on space. Fortunately, there are a few tips and tricks you can use to maximise both beauty and space in any room. In this article, we have compiled our top 5 ideas to refresh or enhance your bedroom layout or décor.

1. Carpet Colour Ideas for a Small Room

Timeless, neutral colours are fantastic options when brainstorming small bedroom ideas. White and light colour schemes help to make any room appear more spacious, so why not harness this theme to help your room seem bigger than it is? Choosing these colours will also lend your space an enduring appeal, as neutral colours rarely go out of style!

If you enjoy brighter, bolder colour palettes, choose an uplifting shade like yellow to refresh your space. When used to complement one another, the wall and carpet colour will help any room feel airy and spacious. You can add to your theme with bedding, accessories and rugs to fully flesh out the style in your bedroom.

If you are having trouble finding the perfect colours for your space, take a look at our Carpet Court colour guide to get inspired for more small room ideas.

2. Small Bedroom Furniture Layout Ideas

We all generally accept a ‘traditional’ layout for our bedrooms – the bed in the centre of a wall, two-night tables on either side, with a dressing table or statement piece of furniture for decoration as much as practical use.

Well, this is not always an ideal layout to maximise space in smaller rooms!

Instead, think of small bedroom ideas to help you feel less overwhelmed. Perhaps have most of your furniture against one wall or simply minimise the number of pieces you try to work with.

3. Built-In & Bespoke Storage Ideas for a Small Bedroom

Unfortunately, it isn’t uncommon for irregular angles and hard-to-reach spots to appear in small bedroom designs. These décor challenges can be easily overcome with bespoke storage ideas, including personalised fitted wardrobes, pigeonhole shelving, curved corner rails or pull-down hanging storage.

The ideas are endless!

Small Room Inspo- Carpet Court

While some of these options come with a higher price tag, they are worth the investment as they have the potential to revolutionise the way you use space in your small bedrooms.

You can even go one step further with your storage solutions and opt for a built-in design that can then be hidden away for a streamlined effect. A classic space-saving solution along these lines is the walk-in wardrobe. If this is a viable option for your small room, why not include space for a dressing table or desk, so you can free up space, hide away errant objects and keep your small bedrooms free of clutter?

4. Multifunctional Furniture Ideas for a Small Room

If you are limited with space, nothing is as helpful as a quality piece of multifunctional furniture. These lifesaver items can come in many forms, so why not look for a stylish ottoman that can also act as storage for extra linens and blankets? Or keep your small bedroom clutter-free with practical ideas like a headboard with built-in storage?

No matter what you choose, multifunctional furniture is ideal for keeping those stray items at bay for a tidy look that is easy to maintain.

5. Feature Walls & Other Refined Decorative Ideas

Experimenting with décor ideas for small bedrooms is both fun and highly practical. When you work with bold colours and unique accent walls, you can create a striking feature that is a focal point for your smaller area. This can also help to create the illusion of space in the rest of the room, particularly when you pair your colourful creation with crisp white sheets or simple lines.

Feature Walls - Carpet Court

Enhance Any Small Room in Your Home with Ideas & Products from Carpet Court

At Carpet Court, we have a vast selection of carpet and flooring options to help you create the small room space of your dreams. To learn more about what we offer, contact our team today for a free measure and quote or to find a store near you.