Smartstrand® Forever Clean™

That’s right, any drama’s no drama, with our next generation Rhino SmartStrand Carpet, our easiest to clean carpet ever. And it’s here now!

Glass of red wine spilt at a dinner party? No drama. Knocked over your coffee cup while reading the paper? No drama.

With SmartStrand Forever Clean you can easily clean up those painful spills with just a cloth and water. It really is our best carpet, made better.

The secret? Building on the original SmartStrand carpet with stain resistance built into the core of the fibre, Forever Clean now has advanced nanotechnology to create a superior spill and soil barrier. And because it’s SmartStrand unlike other carpet treatments, it’s stain resistance is built into the fibre so it can’t wash off, or wear out.

Visit a store near you to test it out for yourself. We’ll let you make a stain and test it, and show you how it cleans against other carpet types.