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How to Maximise House Value Before Selling

How to Maximise House Value Before Selling

As a homeowner, you’re constantly thinking of projects that can make your home more comfortable and desirable, ensuring that you’re adding value to the house in the process and a question you ask yourselves is what to do before selling your home? So, does new flooring really increase house value, well the simple answer is yes. Most homeowners find about a seventy percent ROI on new floors when they go to sell their house. Flooring is generally the biggest colour in your home, so has a massive impact on how it is perceived

Your flooring really shapes the look and feel of your house interior and potential buyers will be put off if the flooring you have is damaged, worn or dated. Buyers love to see brand-new flooring that is easy to maintain and stylish, so maximise that house value before yo sell with new flooring. Two big things potential buyers are looking at is the maintenance and the condition of the flooring.

Take a look at your flooring and consider the following, is it:

  • Visibly worn down in high-traffic areas.
  • Overly stained.
  • Frayed or ripping up at the baseboards.
  • Outdated or out of style.
  • Covered in or smells like mildew.

Remember, when a potential buyer is walking in to your house they will have their shoes off and you want them to be comfortable and feel good quality flooring under their feet. Part of the psychology of selling a home is the ability for viewers to imagine themselves living there, this is why home staging is so successful. It creates a neutral space where people can visualise their own belongings slotting right in to your home. If the first thing someone sees when they walk into your property is threadbare, ripped, or stained flooring, they immediately lose that comfort factor.

So you need to make sure that you’re choosing flooring options that will get you the best value for your home. With so many flooring options available, it can be confusing to figure out which decisions are the right ones to make. We’ve included some of our go-to ranges below that will make your house sparkle with charm, be sale ready and not break the bank. For more info or a free measure and quote get in touch with us.

Carpet for doing up to sell

Carpet is the common choice in bedrooms, lounges and family rooms because it’s soft and warm and gives you that cozy feeling. It also keeps the noise down and is easy to install. Keep in mind that carpet needs to be cleaned more frequently than other types of flooring and by a professional to ensure it doesn’t harbor pests, dust and allergens.

Here are our top carpet picks for doing up to sell:

ElemEntry Moana

A cut pile, solution dyed polyester carpet, Moana is thick and dense for a quality all-round look and comes in a palette of colours that compliment a lot of decors.

Malmo Monte Rosa

With a fantastic heavy twist which makes it look thicker than it actually is, Monte Rosa is well priced and great looking making it perfect for tidying up before you sell.

Malmo Nordic

Super high twist levels make Nordic thick and plush with a lovely aesthetic, all for an astonishing low price. 4m wide rolls increases value while decreasing the number of seams.

The Block NZ Malmo Nordic Storm Master Bedroom

Godfrey Hirst Detroit

Detroit is a stunning and versatile range of carpet for all seasons. This solution dyed nylon cut pile carpet will sustain luxurious comfort all year round and is a great lower cost option.

Detroit 'Paua' carpet in kids bedroom

Luxury Vinyl Plank (LVT) for doing up to sell

Luxury vinyl plank (LVT) flooring is the popular choice for many rooms including kitchens, bathrooms, laundry, basement, hallways and lounge rooms, because it is durable, waterproof and cost-effective. Vinyl planks and tiles can also look like wood or natural stone for a high-end look on a reasonable budget. With all its pros just remember that luxury vinyl tiles won’t hide noise as well as other flooring surfaces. Some styles and shades come in both LVT and SPC (Stone Polymer composite), with the latter being able to be laid directly over existing floor coverings, often saving you money.

Here are our top luxury vinyl plank picks for doing up to sell:

Malmo Scandia

A hardwearing and water resistant floor ideal for seamless flooring throughout your home.

Malmo Scandia Stockholm Bedroom

Malmo Scandia Stone

A stylish ceramic tile look with much easier installation, removal and repair.

Karndean Knight Tile

All of the interest and beauty of real timber and stone floors, but for that lower price point.

Karndean Knight Tile Classic Limed Oak Luxury Vinyl Tile in Dining Room

Laminate for doing up to sell

Laminate provides the appearance of hardwood flooring but without the cost. Laminate is an exceptionally hardwearing synthetic flooring product that’s durable and can easily be installed over existing floors to reduce renovation costs. Some laminates can be prone to moisture damage and damaged planks must be replaced rather than refurbished.

Here are our top laminate picks for doing up to sell:

Malmo Exquisit

Its embossed grain and matt surface shimmer give it an authentic wood look at a fraction of the price.

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