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Live In Comfort With Stylish Contemporary House Designs

Live In Comfort With Stylish Contemporary House Designs

Have you ever walked into someone’s house and felt like you’re walking through a show room? Every room is so stylish, everything looks luxurious, everything matches, has a purpose, has it’s place and is perfectly aligned. It’s simply stunning.

You find yourself wishing that your house was so tidy and trendy but know it wouldn’t be possible, especially while the kids are still living at home!

The Comfortable Contemporary style takes that immaculately stylised look and makes it liveable – it’s modern, practical and works with your busy family life. It’s a universal look that visually has a broad spectrum.

Liking what you hear? Well it’s about to get better…This style works with you, you don’t need to go buy all the latest things to create it. It takes the current trends and works with what you already have.

Why should you pick contemporary interior design?

  • It’s timeless with a long life look
  • It lends itself to large spaces and works really well with open plan living
  • It doesn’t need to be expensive to look good!

What does a Comfortable Contemporary house look like?

  • We refer to it as a big softie – it has softer edges and woven textures (imagine those large woven blankets or a duvet with funky stitching)
  • Light colours (beige, cream, whites and light brown) – if you have light coloured timber flooring or beige carpets you’re off to a great start!
  • The furniture feels lived in, so it’s okay the house isn’t in pristine condition
  • Investment pieces are neutral
  • Colour and texture is delivered through accents. You don’t need to go buying any bold statement pieces or rip up the carpet to create this look!

Does this look suit you?

Comfortable Contemporary is a winner all round as it suits most home environments.

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