Central Kids Owhata Kindergarten

We are a Kindergarten based in the eastern suburbs of Rotorua where we draw whanau from a diverse community. We have 40 children enrolled at our Kindergarten from about 30 families. We have a large outdoor play space and a homely inside space.

The majority of the flooring is lino which is in quite good condition as it was replaced about 11 years ago. Over the lino we have several carpet mats which the tamariki use to sit on while engaged in activities such as puzzles, blocks, music or reading. These mats are approximately 10 years old. We would like to replace the carpet mats in our play space as they are about 10 years old and are commercial grade carpet, so quite hard and not that comfortable to sit on. The edges which are bound are all fraying and we are forever cutting off pieces which have frayed to stop this being a trip hazard.

Jenni Petersen, Central Kids Owhata Kindergarten Head Teacher

A huge thank you to Carpet Court for the opportunity to participate in their nationwide draw to win $2000 worth of carpet. Last week we were able to replace our old, hard shaggy mats with this new warm, soft carpet. Our tamariki are loving playing on it.

Jenni Petersen, Central Kids Owhata Kindergarten Head Teacher

Central Kids Kindergarten in Owhata had very old, stained and frayed mats. The children found them hard and it was very difficult for the teaching staff to kneel or sit on these mats. The whole room looks cosier and more inviting with the new mats and the teachers are so happy they can now also enjoy more floor time with the tamariki.

Therese Spykerbos, Carpet Court Rotorua Administrator