Maheno School Project

Maheno School is fairly small with 61 students aged 5 to 13 and just 7 staff members.

The space we would like to put forward for the fund is a prefab that houses our middle school, years 3/4/5 classroom; Ruru Room. The carpet here has had some threads pull up and this has caused a bit of a tripping hazard for the class. It has become worse over time and now has some gaps in the carpet where the threads first began to show.

Replacing the flooring would eliminate the tripping hazard that the current carpet causes. It would also brighten the classroom up and aid in having an engaging, warm space for the kids which can help in them getting the best learning outcomes they can. The classroom would look visually more appeling and it would also help in the heating of the classroom. Both these factors will contribute in the children taking pride in their space and their school.

We are a small school who likes to engage with our community as much as we can. Any extra funding will allow us to continue to do this. It could go towards getting our children to and from
activities and visits in and around our local community to further engage our students in their learning . As a small school if we want to go anywhere it requires us to hop on a bus and this leads to more costs. The extra funding cold go towards these costs.

The space is used as a working classroom for our year

We were lucky enough to be successful in our entry into the Rhino Kids Carpet Promotion. The whole process was great. The job was completed in an efficient and professional manner and the classroom looks amazing. Thanks Carpet Court for your support of the community and Maheno School.

Ryan Fraser, Maheno School Principal

Maheno School was the lucky recipient for our RhinoKids 2020 project. The existing carpet was starting to wear out especially on the joins. They wanted to go with a broadloom carpet option with an underlay to keep in the warmth. It was a nice and easy process and Ryan and his staff were a pleasure to deal with. Hope the kids enjoy it!!!

Logan van Rooy, Carpet Court Oamaru Store Manager

Flooring: Belgotex ‘School’ Broadloom Carpet