Ngakuru Playcentre Project

We are a small rural centre, we support currently 13 families with 22 children. As we are a playcentre we are a non profit, and run by our families.

We have just had to renovate our small bathroom space, as it no longer meet licensing standards but the budget didn’t stretch as far as new flooring so we were just going to make do.. The lino here is 10 years old, it is split, letting water flow under to the floor, and now has holes where pipes were rearranged.

Any money that we ourselves don’t have to use on flooring for our bathroom would go straight back to our children, through resources and opportunities to learn through play.

The members and children of Ngakuru Playcentre would like to sincerely thank Carpet Court for donating your time and materials to fix up our bathroom flooring. The standard of work is exceptional!

Our bathroom flooring was remarkably unhygienic, it had splits in the existing lino which when dealing with children under 5 who are also toilet training became a big health and safety issue. The floor was no longer able to be maintained to an acceptable standard.

Because of your generosity our children can now be in the bathroom without worries, we can maintain the hygine level that is required – but also it looks amazing!


So on behalf of the team of Ngakuru Playcentre we thank you for selecting us!

Liza Macartney, PR Officer

RhinoKids-Ngakuru-Playcentre - Before