Pukeatua Childcare Centre

“Pukeatua Childcare Centre provides care and education to our small community of Wainuiomata. Our location was the first ever Kohanga Reo in NZ, in 2012 we reopened as a main stream Childcare Centre and have had many tamariki come through our doors. At Pukeatua Childcare Centre we strive to provide a beautiful warm and welcoming environment that encourages independence and creativity.

Our current flooring is 10 year old industrial grade carpet put straight over concrete with no underlay. The flooring is very hard and cold, making it a very hard surface for our babies who are learning to crawl and walk. New flooring would dramatically improve our space by making it a more inviting, comfortable space where tamariki can enjoy mat time, and learn to walk and crawl.”

– Rebecca Storey, Pukeatua Childcare Centre


“Working with a local centre in our community that had little no funds avaiable for flooring provided a nice sense of purpose. Due to the facts we were creating mats, it meant that we were able to execute the project in good time.”

– Carpet Court Lower Hutt


“From application to completion, we had a great experience with Ciaran from the Lower Hutt Branch. This has made a huge difference in our under 2’s space. Our tamariki who are learning to roll, crawl and walk require a lot of their time on the ground, so having a thick, warm layer of carpet has allowed them to do this in a safe and comfortable environment. Thank you so much!!!”

– Pukeatua Childcare Centre 

Pukeatua Childcare Centre before
Pukeatua Childcare Centre before (2)