Roscommon Kindergarten

Roscommon Kindergarten is a not-for-profit organisation providing quality education for 40 families in the Roscommon area. We are trying to refurbish and update our kindergarten resources and the mats we currently have are around 10 years old and are in desperate need of replacing. New flooring would help us to refresh our kindergarten inside spaces, making it a warm, comfortable, and welcoming environment for the children to play and learn. Having a large mat where we can all gather together for mat time would help us to create a more inclusive environment.

We would like to say a massive thank you to you Adam and Carpet Court Manukau. Adam, you were super friendly and made this experience nothing but positive, and we could not be happier with the new carpet that we have in our kindergarten. Every single piece fits perfect, and gives our kindergarten such a nice, fresh, homely feeling.

Jenny, Roscommon Kindergarten Administrator

When I read that Roscommon Kindergarten have applied for the RhinoKids Flooring Fund I knew we had to jump in and help out. The facility is managed mainly by volunteers and they have very limited resources and funds which doesn’t leave much for projects such as replacing their flooring for example. When I approached the Manager she told me that all they urgently needed was to change their existing rugs before winter sets in and I knew we could make this dream come true. The look on the tamariki and teacher’s faces when they received the fresh, new overlocked rugs while observing the old ones disappear was worth every moment spent on this project as the kids deserve that in their learning environment. They were very thankful and I look forward to helping them out in the future with the rest of the centre.

Adam, Carpet Court Manukau Branch Manager