Te Rangimarie Kōhanga Reo ki Rotorua Project

Te Rangimarie Kōhanga Reo ki Rotorua just recently turned 30 years old. The current lino flooring throughout the bathrooms and kitchen is approximately 10 years old. New flooring will make cleaning so much easier as old coving outside doors makes the bathrooms difficult to thoroughly clean.

On behalf of our whānau here at Te Rangimarie Kōhanga Reo ki Rotorua, I would like to thank the RhinoKids Flooring Fund for choosing our Kōhanga Reo, and blessing us with a beautiful new floor. It has certainly improved the wairua in our whare, and with good timing. We have recently been blessed with a new kaiako as well.

It has motivated our whānau to want to look beyond the bathroom. They are now wanting and looking into further upgrades to our whāre. Our new bathroom is amazing, our whānau, especially our tamariki love it.

Words cannot express the appreciation and gratitude we as a whānau have for this amazing kaupapa. I would also like to take this opportunity to thank Therese for all of her time and effort.

Te Rangimarie Kōhanga Reo ki Rotorua

We installed new vinyl over hardboard and removed the old coving, making the floor easier to clean and keep hygienic. Whanau got together and repainted the walls, new toilets and basin was installed bringing the bathroom into a bright and cleaner looking room. It became a centre project with whanau getting on board to paint the ceilings and the walls and installing new toilets and basins for the tamariki.

Therese Spykerbos, Carpet Court Rotorua

Flooring: Polyflor Classic Mystique