Wallaceville Playcentre

Wallaceville Playcentre consists of 42 whanau-families and 46 tamariki. They are cooperatively managed by parents with support from Playcentre Aotearoa. Playcentre fosters the involvement of whanau through early childhood education where parents are the first educators of children. They focus on child-led learning, which measn that each day can offer a variety of learning and play experiences such as building, baking, painting, dressing up, singing and sand and water play. Their environment offers support for parents and their babies throughout the first critical year, while being able to build and foster great relationships with other parents.


‘The existing flooring is old and worn, we would like to provide a warm and comfortable surface for our tamariki. New flooring would not only refresh the look, but offer a warm, comfortable, safe environment for our tamariki and pakeke.’

– Michelle Park, Session Facilitator 


‘It was a pleasure of ours to work with such a wonderful community play centre. The existing carpet mats they had were old, thin and worn through to the backing. We went in knowing that they needed upgrading straight away! We offered new mats to replace the old ones with underlay attached to the back of the large rug that covers the main area. This means they can have their space classes and other community activities on the nice soft carpet mats. The centre was so grateful that they were selected and it was amazing to see there reactions to the new rugs plus the kids and parents of the community.’

– Casey Norden, Carpet Court Upper Hutt Manager


‘The new carpet is so kaiora – awesome ! Our tamaraki and adults are enjoying the lovely new carpet mats. Not only is it more aesthetically please but make our floor areas a warm comfortable and inviting learning environment. With the larger area we now can fit all our Space (Supporting Parent’s Alongside Children’s Education) programme attendee on. It is now more comfortable to sit on and read books and puzzles. Our youngest members now have a comfortable and warm flooring to explore the treasure baskets. Once again thank you to the Rhino Kids Project and Carpet Court Upper Hutt for supporting us to get this new flooring project completed. It looks and feels amazing! They are also enjoying the large tube the carpet arrived on, rolling cars and balls down the tube.’

– Michelle Park, Session Facilitator 

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