Woodend Playcentre Project

We are a small playcentre with approximately 25 children ranging from 6 months old to 5 years old. We have 2 paid facilitators and then the parents of the attending children stay and play with their children or do voluntary office work. We receive funding from MOE and the rest of our expenditure is made up from parent donations, applying for grants and some amazing fundraising Mums.

We currently have polished linoleum throughout the centre, and a large thin rug covering the floor in the under 2’s area. This application is to replace this rug with a much softer floor or carpet with hopefully some colour. Rugs big enough to cover this area are expensive and have no colour or softness to them. When a baby falls onto our existing rug, while it meets compliance, it still hurts them.

This refurbishment would would feel amazing for the crawlers, and new walkers. It would make our under 2 area a place that our mums would be happy to sit on the floor with them.

A huge thank you to Martin and the team at Carpet Court Rangiora for the beautiful new carpet at Woodend Playcentre. We were so impressed with the excellent service we received. The team were friendly and accommodating from start to finish. The final result looks amazing, is functional and feels great. We are extremely grateful and the children love it!

Kaisi and Maria, Woodend Playcentre

We had an amazing time at Woodend Playcentre with the parents and children. They needed an area that was soft and functional for the babies and toddlers to play on. The end result looked great and there will be no more bumps on the head for little children.

Martin Millward, Carpet Court Rangiora

Flooring: Rhino Portland