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Tasteful Textures

Tasteful Textures

We all know of one person who just throws a whole lot of random things together and makes it work. Maybe its you? Whether its ingredients in a salad or different items of clothing. They just rock it and it works. They are probably the type of person to love the Tasteful Textures style. It’s all about bringing different elements together and making them work.


The Tasteful Textures style is a layered upon layered look. It creates softness and warmth in much the same way as you rug up and layer in winter. There’s a method to the madness; you pick a piece you like, and build your colour palette around it. It focuses on comfort, by picking materials and fabrics that add softness. Its not too “matchy matchy”. You can be a bit eclectic by bringing in variety, as long as there’s a common element to pull it together (colour, similarity of print or texture).

Here we can see the feature piece is the artwork and colours from that haven pulled out to style the rest of the space.

Why should you pick this look?

  • Textures hide a multitude of sins – we know not everyone is perfect!
  • It adds warmth to cool spaces and works well in dark spaces as it gives a rugged up feel
  • You can use what you already have, there’s no shopping necessary!
  • It provides a sense of mood – its peaceful and restful
  • The layers create luxury rather than being paired back to a more simple style
  • Works well for people with an eclectic sense of style that have a lot of elements they’d like to bring to one room
On The Floor: Nature's Oak engineered wood in Matterhorn

What does Tasteful Textures look like?

  • Knitted wools
  • Soft leathers
  • Texture, paint and wallpaper
  • Movement in the flooring using long pile or loop carpet that’s layered with rugs that are often shags
  • Burnished / worn metals
  • Organised/ purposeful mess – who thought a messy house could be stylish?! What a dream!
  • A lived in unintentional style
  • A combination of different fibers and materials – hard and soft, shiny and dull
On the Floor: Rhino Portland carpet in Oyster Shell

Does this style suit you?

Tasteful Textures is good for an older house with ‘flaws’, you can use your layers to hide things! It also helps add warmth to a drafty home.

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