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Having a spare room in your house is an added luxury as long as it doesn’t end up as a store room for old books, photos, clothes, furniture and junk that don’t have a home anywhere else. When deciding what to use your spare room for think about what you and your family would get the best use out of – be it a guest room, office, gym, library, media room, kids playroom – the list is endless! The great thing about a spare room is you can change the purpose of the room as your family’s needs change.


It will also add value for potential buyers if you choose to sell in the future if it is in keeping with the rest of the house and the best way to do this is with the flooring. Whether you choose carpet or hardflooring both are versatile enough for any purpose.

Rhino Carpet 


Carpet is an ideal choice for a spare bedroom, media room, office or library and even a kids playroom if you choose a product that can withstand the test of young children. Rhino carpet is the ideal choice for growing families as it has built-in stain and fade resistance. It is beautifully soft yet still hard wearing making it perfect for families. Rhino carpet comes in multiple styles, colours and prices.

Rhino Rhode Island – Charismatic Lifestyle

The Office


The room that people will sneak off to when they need some ‘peace and quite’,  get some work done (or just escape from the kids). The office normally contains a desk, computer, maybe a rug of some sort and a couple of chairs.


The world is your oyster when it comes to the flooring in the office. The most common flooring choices would be either carpet or hard flooring. We recommend to keep the flooring colour the same as what you have in other areas of the house for the purpose of maintaining flow. So if you have carpet in the living and bedrooms, use the same carpet in the office, likewise with hard flooring. You don’t necessarily have to keep the same flooring that you have in the bedrooms for the office, just keep it consistent with other areas of the house.


Here are some great options that will help you to create the winning look in your spare room:

Rhino Portland, Stepping Stone                                    Rhino New Orleans, Desire Street

Guest Bedroom


Alongside the office, the guest room would be the other most common use for the spare room. Not only is it great to be able to provide guests with their own room when they come to stay but it provides the hubby with a bed when he’s got the man flu and it gives you a second wardrobe – bonus!


We recommend to keep the flooring in the guest room consistent with the flooring you have in the other bedrooms.


Here are our products that will allow you to create the winning look:

Rhino Austin, Lakeway                                                      Rhino New Orleans, Desire Street

The Media Room


There are many different purposes for the media room. It can be great for families as it can allow the children (or you) to watch what you like on another room, or even for everyone to have a family movie night . If set up correctly it can also be an ideal room for hosting- get a big projector, a couple of couches and some bean bags and you have yourself the perfect ‘at home’ set up for the rugby!


We recommend putting carpet in the media room. It keeps it warm and cosy and also makes it comfortable for those to sit on if there is a time where there may not be enough seats for everyone. However you can still opt for a hardfloor like laminate or timber if that is what you have in the other living areas of the home, just add a big rug to help with the acoustics and serve as a cosy spot to sit for an overflow of quests.


Here are our products that will allow you to create the winning look:

Malmo Mote Rosa, Perfect Taupe                              ElemEntry Canyon, Ngaranga

We love the use of timber on the walls to create a real ‘man cave’ feel.

To get the best advice, speak to any of our knowledgeable sales staff in store. You can also head to to book a free measure and quote.

The bathroom is one of the most used rooms in the house. Unless it is a private en suite, it is normally used by everyone from your two year old toddler to the random ‘tradie’ who needs to “quickly use the toilet before heading off”. It would be safe to say that it is a fairly important room in the house.


It’s important when creating a bathroom that you get the flooring right. Of course we all want our flooring to look first class but we want to make sure it is practical as well. The first question to ask yourself is ‘who is going to be using this bathroom?’ your answer will have a strong influence over the type of flooring you should choose.

For example, if you are creating a family bathroom with young children, you want to make sure that your flooring is going to be anti slip, easy to clean and can get ‘thrashed’ without being ruined.


If you are creating a private en suite, you could go for a more luxurious flooring that looks incredible, it may be harder to clean or slightly less durable but that won’t matter as it won’t be used as frequently or as recklessly.


Here are some flooring options to help you create a winning bathroom.


They’re the most obvious and common choice in the bathroom. Many people choose tiles because they are practical and they allow you to get creative. They come in a variety of shapes and colours- you can also select the colour of your grout too. There’s a huge variety of types of tiles and different tiles have different benefits. Porcelain tiles can be a great option for the bathroom as they are durable and are some of the toughest flooring available! They are also liquid and stain resistant as well as low maintenance. Due to their durability, porcelain tiles also have a long lifespan.


Vinyl flooring can be a great option when you are wanting to create the classic tile or hard floor look without the price that comes along with it. Aside from it being cost effective, people often select vinyl in the bathroom for its durability. It is waterproof as well as being stain and dirt resistant. Vinyl flooring is a good option for families as it is softer under foot so if one of the kids accidentally, it’s less likely to do them any damage. The Texline Essence range of vinyl is a great option for bathrooms as it offers a range of different designs including tile and wood print.

Flooring: Studio Traffic 203


If you’re a laminate lover then today is your lucky day! Laminate is a flooring that most people wish that they could put in the bathroom but they can’t. It is not normally a waterproof flooring thus the bathroom would possibly be one of the worst places you could install it. HOWEVER, Quickstep has produced a range of laminate flooring that is waterproof! The Quick Step Impressive laminate flooring has a ‘HydroSeal’ coating on the grooves preventing moisture from seeping through. Impressive laminate also has a scratch guard and a uniclic click system making it super easy to install. You can now have the laminate flooring you’ve been dreaming of in your bathroom!

Flooring: Quickstep Impressive

To get the best advice, speak to any of our knowledgeable sales staff in store. You can also head to to book a free measure and quote.

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Be Styled

We know all-white rooms can be great, but it’s time to embrace your dark side. Deep, dark color schemes can give a room weight and depth. It is embracing, it’s relaxing and surprisingly it’s not gloomy at all but instead creates a calming atmosphere perfect for bedrooms.

Think of deep plums, forest green’s, dark navy’s and charcoal grey’s on the walls and strong dark floor boards or thick dark carpets to create a sophisticated bedroom retreat. Everything depends on the décor you create. Even dark spaces can pop up and   look very inviting when done right.

How to decorate moody bedrooms


Choose any style you like as moody and dark colours are classics and will go with any style: glam, modern, art deco, minimalist, contemporary, vintage and many others. Moody spaces aren’t just about black; deep green, purple, graphite, burgundy and so on can all be moody, just pick a ecopayz deep, rich tone.

Your moody room can be refreshed with some softer colours to create that gorgeous balance of masculine and feminine. Metals such as brass, bronze, chrome and gold beautifully accent dark colours. Pair these with really strong finishes like loop pile carpet, a dark plush carpet with a cut pile or dark toned timber floors and you’ll end up with a gorgeous sleep sanctuary that you’ll just never want to leave!

Flooring picks


As mentioned above, in a moody  room you want to continue this feeling on the floor. Dark timber floors or thick pile carpets provide the perfect grounding for this look and add that layering effect of warmth, peace and restfulness. The darker colours absorb and cocoon you from the outside world.

Here are our favourite flooring picks for moody spaces:

Malmo Florence 'Romito' colour swatch
Florence Romito
Rhino New Orleans Bourbon Street
New Orleans Bourbon Street
Untamed Chic Dwelling Place
Eligna Newcastle Oak Dark
Intenso Chevy Oak
Rhino EverCore Herringbone Tortoise Shell
EverCore Tortoise Shell

Find more moody flooring here and moody bedroom inspiration on our Pinterest Board here.

Be Styled

Incorporating old world with current style you reuse your collected, and often priceless antique pieces, in a setting that gives them new life.

Do you have one (or many) vintage possessions, (maybe sentimental, maybe not) that you have guiltily hidden away in a cupboard or attic wishing that you could display in your home but have no idea how? It can be hard to display these beautiful items in a stylish way and to give them a purpose in a room. Nostalgic Charm style is about showcasing these items and giving them a new life in your home.


Nostalgic Charm is about celebrating important mementos and pieces
It creates a ‘whimsical’ history look without being over pretty
It has strong elements of colour which are often mixed with texture and patterns.

Flooring: SmartStrand Calhoun, Wolf Creek

Why would you pick Nostalgic Charm?

  • You have collected a lot of things over time that you’re ready to put on display.
  • You’re a sentimental person who likes the feeling of being surrounded by important memories
  • You take pleasure in having important things around you and living with them

What does Nostalgic Charm look like?

  • Patterns Patterns Patterns! Think- Checks/florals/colour/stripes/
  • Old world charm
  • Antiques mixed in with moderns- connect all your collection pieces together
  • Celebrates looking back- it creates the “OMG I remember that” moments!
  • A deep pile carpet would work well with this, you can use wooden flooring as well.

Flooring: Karndean, Knight Tile

Would this style suit you?
It suits older couples/families and those more provincial.

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Be Floored

Flooring these days comes with all sorts of benefits – warmth, insulation, softness, durability, fade or stain resistance, and more. It can be the foundation of a decorating plan, inspiring other ideas. Or, it can be selected to complement existing walls and furnishings. Above all, the flooring you choose should reflect your personality and bring comfort to your home.


When planning your “look”, it’s important to have a basic knowledge of how colour, texture, and pattern can work. Although there are no absolute “rules” that govern these considerations, we can help narrow down your choices with practical design and decorating advice.


The quickest facelift for any room is colour. It can be used to make a small room appear larger or to pull a background forward. It can create an atmosphere of warmth and comfort. Or, it can make your environment feel cool and spacious. However used, it’s colour that really creates the mood of your room. Start by gathering colours that catch your eye… fabrics, paint swatches or clippings from your favourite magazines or online inspiration boards.

We recommend you start with the floor and build your colours around the flooring. As you begin to research, you’ll find yourself drawn to certain shades that make you feel comfortable. It’s these colours that really define your personal style and make it your own.


To help determine your interior style, look at your favourite clothes, the artwork you love and your ultimate travel destinations – you’ll start to see a common thread.


Choose your flooring before selecting your paint, wallpaper and furnishings as the floor is the biggest investment and hardest and most expensive to change if you get it wrong.  The colours in your carpet or hard flooring can inspire the rest of our colour scheme.


When choosing flooring – treat the floor colour as the foundation of your palette. You can’t go wrong with natures tones which also create an atmosphere of quiet warmth: soft browns, greys, oak, ash and honey tones all work well with other hues.

When you want to achieve something that is not going to date and has a sense of timelessness – take inspiration from nature – either a natural grain running through the boards or laminate or if carpet use a covering that has more texture – try a loop pile there are some gorgeous examples of this around.


Use paler tints to lighten up a dark room. These soft, cool colours also help make a small room seem spacious. Mixing colours can provide a feeling of height. Use the darkest shade on the floor, the next shade on the walls, and the lightest shade on the ceiling.

If carpeting a small space keep the colour tonal to the room, slightly darker than the floor and take wall to wall – rugs or carpet squares in small spaces can make the space seem smaller as the eye reads the rug or square not the room as a whole. By keeping your colours tonal the effect is holistic it becomes the whole space not just identified areas of a part of that space.


And finally, be sure to colour test your flooring sample by daylight as well as by artificial light at night. Colour changes dramatically when flooded with sunlight or lit by lamps.

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Be Floored

This handy guide will help you find beautiful flooring that suits your lifestyle, interior style and budget.

Considering new flooring but not sure where to start? It can be an overwhelming and stressful experience choosing flooring for your home. To carpet the lounge or go with hard flooring? Tiles in the bathroom or vinyl?

This handy guide will help you find beautiful flooring that suits your lifestyle, interior style and budget.

We’ve created 8 steps to help you choose the right flooring for you.



Balance the look you like with the practicality you need. A lighter carpet may not be suited to a busy family but could work well in a quieter adult home. Although if you do really want to have a light coloured carpet in your home – our exclusive range of SmartStrand ‘rhino’ carpet will be the best option with it’s stain and fade resistant qualities.





Consider the activity at your place – are there lots of people, pets and kids? Entrances, stairs, hallways and ranch slider exits will get lots of use, so pick a product relevant to how busy your home is.





New Zealand has a harsh sun environment, so consider the sunlight in your home and the level of durability and fade- resistance required of your floor. We also have eco-friendly and sustainable products available.





Consider how often you like to change your design look. Choosing a more neutral floor will let you change out your furniture and colour scheme when it suits.



Light affects the appearance of samples – so view them at different times of the day, in different rooms and against different furniture to get the best idea of what the full floor will look like.





Choosing the cheapest carpet doesn’t necessarily save you money in the long term, so invest accordingly to make sure it will last the distance you need it to.





You don’t want to get a great floor and then skimp on the underlay. Good underlay insulates your floor and provides a good moisture barrier, so make sure to allow for it in your budget.





Our staff know floors and can save you time and stress by sorting through all of the options and helping to decide on a floor that suits your needs, budget and lifestyle. Come and see us in-store or we can come to you.