Care Guides and Warranties

These products carry a warranty, in addition to the New Zealand Con­sumer Guarantees Act (1993).

These warranties are subject to the procedures, recommendations, limitations, disclaimers and exclusions mentioned herein and in the general information, installation limitations and warranty sections of this document.

The flooring products carry a limited warranty against manufacturer and workmanship defects when used under normal conditions and installed in accordance with manufacturer’s/distributor’s installation instructions.

The warranty extends only to the original owner/purchaser/installer of the product and is not transferable. Note: You must retain an original label of the product purchased which denotes your warranty duration.

The manufacturer/distributor warrants to the original user that the wear-layer on this product will not wear through nor separate from the flooring during the warranty period when installed and used under normal residential use in accordance with the terms, installation instructions, limitations and conditions herein.

Manufacturer’s/distributor’s warranty and liability does not extend beyond the flooring strips and is limited to a maximum value of the original purchase price of the flooring. Warranty is limited to repair or replacement of the flooring strips at the sole option of the manufacturer/distributor. Claim compensation, if approved and/or authorised is limited to the specific area which the manufacturer/distributor deems to be valid under the claim.

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Search for your warranty document by product here.

Search for your warranty document by product here.